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I haven´t received my login details yet.

Have you checked your Spam folder? Please look in the Spam folder and mark the email as ´no junk´ so that future emails land in your inbox. Thank you.

I can´t log in. My login details aren´t working.

Try clearing your cache. To do this you simply need to delete the search history in your browser. Then try logging in again, it´s going to work this time. If it doesn´t please reset your password using the ´forgot your password´ link under the login form. If it still doesn´t work, please contact support and we´ll reset your password manually. Thank you.

I can´t find the course(s) I signed up for.

You might have used a different email address for a previous purchase and now you have 2 accounts with us. Please check the confirmation email of your last purchase to see the login details.

You might also have ordered the course on one of Lone´s other websites. In this case, you need to get in touch with

The courses you have purchased on this website appear under the ´My courses´ tab and at the top of the page under the main menu. If you can´t see it there then please contact us and we’ll figure out what´s happening.


How do I get in touch with Lone for the consultation that came with the course I signed up for?

To email Lone directly please send it to

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